Equipment Challenge is in New Version , You can earn by collecting materials from events instead of collecting items to buy relics. Collect these materials for gold, food, etc. you cannot collect it from places. It can be obtained from PVP, dungeons, daily quests and gems.

  • For every 3 victories in Pvp, 1 relic material is given.

  • There will be a new material dungeon, and for each node earned there, 1 relic material is given.

  • In 3 daily missions, you can get 3 relic materials and 3 additional relic materials by completing all daily quests and get a total of 6 relic materials.

  • With precious stones, one relic material can be obtained with each relic material costing 5 gemstones.

  • And relic chests are earned by collecting as much residue material as needed.

Hope you like this new version.