Hello everyone and welcome to my 95th analysis, this time featuring Shallinar.
She has the highest Base Speed of all Fire monsters tied to others like General Darmith and Tulekahju. She is immune to Stun, and has a Self move that gives Double Damage AND an extra turn, and also has access to AOE Sticky Lava. And her first introduction was in a breeding event which means RANKS. Shallinar isn't featured in the Attack Combo Pack for no reason: she has all she needs to be an excellent attacker.

-Inner Fire
-Burning Corruption
-Fire Storm
-Flame Piercer
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Inner Fire gives Double Damage and an extra turn which is godlike for an attacker. Burning Corruption makes all enemies have Sticky Lava and Burns them. Fire Storm unfortunately has 30 Base Power but between IF and BC, it'll hit hard. Flame Piercer is a single target nuke that'll kill most unresisted monsters in one hit when you use IF beforehand. 2 Strength 1 Speed is enough since she outspeeds most attackers anyway, and the low Base Power of FS must be compensated for.

Teammates: All Shallinar needs is a denier, but Tephra or Tulekahju can help if they're faster by applying Sticky Lava since this combined with IF+FS will kill almost anything.

Countering Shallinar: This is a tricky part to do with Fire monsters alone since she outspeeds them all if they run 1 Speed rune-possibly. General Darmith and Lucifire the Helltaser both Speed-tie and can hopefully one-shot with their powerful single-target moves. Using 2 Speed will outspeed her and you can one shot with things like Lucifire the Hopefreezer or Kaih the Eradicator then, though this is a situational situation as I would recommend 2 Strength 1 Speed on Kaih and Hopefreezer.