A new month always means the beginning of new adventures for our intrepid Dragon Masters. 🎒

The summer solstice is fast approaching and we’ve been informed that a mysterious meteor shower is expected to be seen over the clear summer skies of Dragon City. 💥 🌠 The beginning of June will bring three powerful dragons that have been exposed to a supernatural meteorite… It’s time to assemble the Dragon Force so they can use their newfound powers for good! 👑

After harnessing your supernatural powers, you’ll then be invited to accompany the adventurous Exploranaut Dragon on a dangerous journey in the depths of the ocean, among the ruins of Atlantis. We’re confident you will be of great help to her and her mission! 🌊

And finally, this month will end with a primal adventure, bringing you to a prehistoric tropical island, full of ferocious dragons. 🦖 Here’s one piece of free advice: Trust in your primal instincts to survive...🦕

Without spoiling too much, let’s jump into the full lineup of events for June:

29 May - 2 Jun: Run of Clones (Clone Chaos Runner Island)
New Dragon: Dragon Clone III

31 May - 3 Jun: Shapeshifter’s Maze (Clone Chaos Maze Island)
New Dragon: Shapeshifter Dragon

3 Jun - 14 Jun: Dragon Force Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Typhoon Dragon

5 Jun - 8 Jun: Dragon Force HQ (Fog Island)
New Dragon: Geoforce Dragon

9 Jun -13 Jun: Psybolt City (Dragon Force Maze Island)
New Dragon: Psybolt Dragon

14 Jun - 17 Jun: Eelectric Tower (Escape from Atlantis Tower Island)
New Dragon: Eelectrifying Dragon

17 Jun - 28 Jun: Escape from Atlantis Maze Island
New Dragons: Molluscular Dragon, Hermicrab Dragon, Illumidepth Dragon

18 Jun - 23 Jun: Escape from Atlantis Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Infested Waters Dragon

23 Jun - 27 Jun: Deep Sea Runner (Escape from Atlantis Runner Island)
New Dragon: Exploranaut Dragon

28 Jun - 5 Jul: Primal Jungle Grid Island
New Dragon: Carnivaurus Dragon, Omnivicious Dragon, Trophic Dragon

28 Jun - 3 Jul: Primal Jungle Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Apex Dragon

Have fun, Dragon Masters! 💥