Hike The Nemesis King is a Special support, attacker and control nemesis monster.

Hike The Nemesis King has the abilities of other nemesis and can use these abilities in favor of his allies. Also, after level 100, very powerful abilities are waiting for you.

Note: Abilities after level 100 do not belong to nemesis. Their his own original abilities

Trait: True Vision And Control İmmunity

Relics: Staff And Armor

Element: Special and Special

Generation: Nemesis

Life: 36,192
Power: 3,663
Speed: 3,509


  • Default

Last Nemesis: Deals low Special damage to one enemy.

Stronger Monster: Deals moderate special damage to one enemy.

  • Tier 1

Natural Ecosystem: Removes NE from all allies. Heals by all allies %30

Polar Break: Deals moderate Water damage to one enemy. Applies Freeze to one enemy.

Metal Shrapnel: Deals heavy metal damage to one enemy. Blind and bleed to one enemy.

  • Tier 2

Dwarf Spirit: Removes PE from all enemies. Deals moderate earth damage to all enemies. Applies Damage Reduction to all enemies.

Lucky Fire: Deals heavy fire damage to all enemies. Applies burn and ignite to all enemies.

Second Chance: Ally will ressurect with %100 life

  • Tier 3

War Leader: Removes NE from all allies. Applies Double damage and precision to all allies.

Stamina Void: Deals very heavy thunder damage to one enemy. Removes %30 of stamina and applies stamina leak to one enemy.

Quartz Dice: Deals heavy magic damage to all enemies. Applies a random control status effects to all enemies.

  • Tier 4

İnfinite Speed: Removes NE from one ally. Gives 1 extra turns to one ally.

Wait A Little: Activate cooldowns of all enemies.

İmpassable Shield: Removes NE from all allies. Applies Control and Torture İmmunity to all allies.

  • Special Attack

The Nemesis King (Ultimate): Applies Double damage, true vision and evasion to all allies.