Hello, guys!

We're a very active and welcoming team looking for a few strong players for back to back wars and the upcoming race. You can currently find us under the "ThirdTimeLucky" name, but we have a couple other teams in place for the next race. Even if we have 28 players at the moment, we can always make room if the right candidate appears. 🙂

What we offer:

  • TOP prize (lvl. 115 legendaries like Learnean, Baltasar, Bella Ball and Alex Bone) every race so far

  • 300+ war coins per win (whenever we do 30 v 30 wars)

  • lots of cell trades and donations

  • always the latest rumours and info regarding new events

  • a friendly enviroment in which everybody can express themselves

What we require from our players:

  • minimum MP of 9000, lvl. 100-105 (and above) legendary monsters from every element, lvl. V and above runes

  • 5/5 attacks in wars

  • good levels of participation in races (we NEVER force anyone to spend gems, but if you can do that, it's obviously a plus)

  • it's also important to join our facebook group, but if you can't or don't want to do it, at least be communicative on our game chat

  • and, most importantly, be willing to improve and have fun!

If you think we're a good match, feel free to apply. Thank you!