I hope you like these new changes. the changes are:

  • The rarity would increase as you progressed through the dungeon, mythics will be added to it. So the order would be: UC,R,E,L,M(original, including cosmic, not including corrupted)

  • Towards the end of the dungeon, there will be relics on the enemies.

  • As the difficulty will increase, the dungeon rewards will also increase slightly

  • The roulette rewards of dungeons with cells in their roulette will change. Roulette rewards will vary by dungeon.

  • Crystal dungeon roulette rewards will be classic (like adventure map, maze coin dungeon roulette)

  • There will be runes in the roulette of the runic dungeon (minimum 1st level, maximum 4th level runes)

  • Elemental cells will be given in the roulette of the Elementium dungeon. (1 of each element)

Note: The roulette rewards of the food and gold dungeon and cell dungeons will remain the same.