Happy Pride, Monster Masters!

As you know, we’re part of Socialpoint, and our company has a motto: "Have fun together creating fun for everyone”. No matter where you are from, what you look like, your gender identity, or who you love, we're honored to contribute to your daily dose of fun.⁣

This year, in celebration of #PrideMonth, we've been discussing diversity and equality in the video games industry (always a controversial but important topic)🌈.⁣ We’re not perfect, but we think that having meaningful conversations and the will to learn and change is always something positive.

⁣In Monster Legends, we always talk about how amazing our community is, and we truly believe it. We wanted to do something to show the diversity within us and we created a special Rainbow Maze in which you’ll be able to get a monster for every color of the rainbow (each monster represents a color visually). There are 3 Mini Mazes with 2 Paths each — no Paths for owners, they will all be open for everyone! Each Mini Maze will last for 2 days, so stay tuned to get all the monsters!

We know there are different Rainbow flags, for sure, and we don’t think any of them is more important than another one, but as you can imagine, we couldn’t fit all the colors at the same time, so we went for the classic one: ❤🧡💛💚💙💜. Also we will be having super flashy Avatars and Frames in-game so that you can show your support and give visibility to this cause. They look just great!

And that’s not all! Socialpoint will also be donating to international and local organizations that support the LGTBQ community: @HumanRightsCampaign, @Outrightintl, @ItGetsBetter Project, and @a_ACATHI. Please take a moment to check them out, they do an amazing job.