Dreammutant is a Titan Fire Attacker with insane things about him. Dreammutant is also a support. He can apply Tortures, Shields, Stun his enemies, gain Fugitive Hater, he also has Trait Protection, and Control Immunity. His biggest gimmick is this: He can prevent his allies from taking much damage with Damage Protection 80%. Dreammutant has an evolving trait: at rank 0, he has Bulwark and Control Immunity, at rank 1, he'll gain Anticipation, at rank 2, he'll gain Trait Protection, at rank 3, he gains True Vision and Spirits, at rank 4, he'll cast Evasion to himself at the start of the battle, and at rank 5, he gains an Instant Extra Turn!


Sorry for the trouble and delay - but the issue is the balance of Dreammutant is not currently set. He'll be posted soon, don't worry!