So we heard you loooove battles. We heard you want to fight and fight and fight, but it’s never enough. We have good news for you because you’re about to make the most out of your abilities with our latest feature - The Battle Pass!

If you know how our classic Legends Pass works, you’ll recognize its mechanics. Fight in battles, advance through the nodes and reach milestones as you collect juicy rewards. Let us tell you some of the prizes you’ll be able to get:

  • New Obsidian Relics
  • Tier 7 Multiplayer Chests
  • Tier 6 Multiplayer Chests
  • Lvl 10 Runes
  • Diamond Relic Chests
  • Multiplayer Monster Egg (different each Season)

To make things easier, you won’t have to count weeks anymore, so starting on June 25th (the date of release of this Battle Pass), our Multiplayer Tournaments will start with the beginning of each Season. That means tournaments will be 4 weeks long instead of 2. Rewards will change to fit this new calendar, yes. Also, our weekly Timed Challenge will be disappearing to make room for the Battle Pass.

Just like with the Legends Pass, there will be a free lane (free rewards, yay!) and an exclusive lane with spectacular extra rewards that will be only available if you purchase the Premium Battle Pass. If you’re interested in purchasing this Premium Battle Pass to access everything in both lanes, we recommend you take advantage of the discount we will be offering to those who purchase it in its first 7 days. Check your in-game news and have a look at the Premium Battle Pass lane for more information.

So fight, fight to your heart’s content because now fighting gives you more rewards than ever before. See you in the arena!