Hey, it’s July already! 🌻 Have you Dragon Masters made any plans for the summer months? 🏄
Well, if you’ve got no plans yet, we have plenty in store for you! 😎

You might be going on vacation but, as a Dragon Masters, we’re always on the prowl for new dragons! 🐉 There are plenty more Islands to be discovered and...a new Dragon Mystery to be solved! The Deputy Dragon will need your help on this one! 👀

So, let’s check out the full line-up of events!

28 Jun - 5 Jul: Isla Primitiva - Primal Jungle Grid Island
New Dragons: Extreme Defense Dragon, Omnivicious Dragon, Trophic Dragon

28 Jun - 3 Jul: Primal Jungle Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Apex Dragon

3 Jul - 7 Jul: Isla Carnívora - Primal Jungle Runner Island
New Dragon: Carnivaurus Dragon

5 Jul - 8 Jul: Isla Perdida - Primal Jungle Maze Island
New Dragon: Herbivine Dragon

8 Jul - 19 Jul: Moon Guardians Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Moon Empress Dragon

10 Jul - 13 Jul: Full Moon Fog Island
New Dragon: Full Moon Dragon

14 Jul - 18 Jul: Moonshade Maze Island
New Dragon: Moonshade Dragon

19 Jul - 22 Jul: Prince Chamber’s Tower Island (Dra-gone Missing!)
New Dragon: Polar Sorceress Dragon

22 Jul - 2 Aug: Deputy’s Debut Maze Island (Dra-gone Missing!)
New Dragon: Deputy Dragon

23 Jul - 28 Jul: General’s Headquarters Puzzle Island (Dra-gone Missing!)
New Dragon: Polar General Dragon

28 Jul - 1 Aug: Arid Runner Island (Dra-gone Missing!)
New Dragon: Arid Ambassador Dragon

Have fun! 😉