Create A monster With me!

His name is Algorth

I need your help, I am making a good Corrupted monster that will become the next meta monster, stronger than both Pure Pandalf and Nebotus.

Make everything there is for the monster!

Please note this is just for fun and I want as many suggestions as possible so I can make a Fan Community monster, what will be sent to SP to suggest a monster! So can we do this together?

Psst: I will release the final form will be released on July 15th if everything works out right!

He must be balanced however:

  • He must be in the Water Element
  • Algorth must only have 3 Traits, and no more than 3.
  • You choose his role, however he must have stats for that role.
  • Deadline: July 10th, 2021.

I hope this is fun for everyone!