Hey all,

It's time for a new announcement! I've been hard at work to join my Facebook Page with the official Forums of Monster Legends, and also post my ideas in the Creativity section. psst; you'll find a link in my profile 😉

For me, I believe this will increase the amount of monsters I'll release in the far future, and not only introduce new concepts, but allow people to make new friends, and get to know other people within Facebook and the Forums. Even me 😉

The transition will begin from July 13th, 2021 and have multiple changes to my release schedule on the Forums. My profile is the "Max Brow" one.

The Aether Era will continue like normal. Even though, I do admit of thinking of ending the Aether Era early and make a brand new one to join both sites. I did a Contest in the early days of July, for Algorth, a Water Attacker with insane skills. He is coming in THREE DAYS! Who would've thought time would've went so fast! As I promised, I'd release him on the 15th.

Now I have a few concerns on continuing the Aether Era, as more and more fan-made monsters are made in this Era. The monsters are going to become more complex as we move through the months of the Aether. And again, I'm admitting on making them with many roles and effects.

But again, you will not see any Aether Mythic with a Rank 4 and 5 Trait in the far future. Maybe near the end of the Aether Era but not now.

That is all for this little update, and huge announcement! Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave feedback in the comments 😄

Aether Mythics 😱

The newest Fan Era! As I said, I would give more content soon and here it is! The newest Era (Fan Made, of course)!

  • Their stats are increased a tiny bit.
  • Will release a new Aether Talent every week! One is already out, releasing once every Sunday! (FB Page exclusive)
  • They have an evolving trait (R0, R1, R3)