Gobzlayer was raised by Borjork and his tribe. Being a goblin surrounded by big and bulky orcs wasn't easy for him. In the beginning, he felt small and powerless, but as he grew up, he started creating his own advantages to make up for his size. He mastered the art of forging and made a pair of iron axe-wings.

However, no matter what he did, the orcs never came to see Gobzlayer as one of their own, so he isolated himself in his workshop. He became distrustful and a bit mad. He founded the "Crazy Guild of Blackzmithz" so that he could be the boss of something. That said, he has yet to recruit anyone else to his guild…


Gobzlayer is a Metal Attacker with Artifact Hater, Bleed, Double Damage, Trait Disabling, and high damage skills. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0 he's Hardened, at rank 1 he gains Immunity to Poison, and at rank 3, he'll gain Artifact Hater at the start of every battle.