Hello everyone and welcome to my 97th analysis, this time featuring Eggeater.
Eggeater is one of the premier choices for both Magic and Dragon rulings thanks to his AOE Possession and AOE Blind+Burn plus his Possession immunity. He also has a 0 CD Stun move which makes him even more powerful as a denier. However, Eggeater is low on Speed and thus is easy prey for deniers that don't use Possession and have higher level runes or ranks.

-Possessing Eggs
-Multi Effect Eggs
-Snake Chomp
-Snake Gnaw/Horror Eggs/Viper Munch
Runes: 3 Speed

Possessing Eggs is an AOE Possession move which is amazing. Multi Effect Eggs greatly damages the enemy team with its AOE Blind which makes it much harder for monsters to operate, and a Burn to accompany this. Snake Chomp is a 0 CD Stun which is invaluable for a denier. The last slot is power vs. Timerion or higher Base Power. 3 Speed is necessary to be a denier. However, if the rulings fit it, he may also run 3 Team Speed since his Speed IS low for a denier.

Teammates: A denier is necessary in any team. As far as synergy goes, an AOE Daze can make it so the enemy team is denied for 2 turns with AOE Daze+Multi Effect Eggs.

Countering Eggeater: General Ingvar is a very solid choice since he has a good chance of dodging AOE Possession, then using Encouragement to rid his team of it-this can also work against Multi Effect Eggs. Being imune to Possession or having a Self move on your monsters will also reduce the effectiveness of AOE Possession-this goes for all monsters who utilize this type of denial.