Hello everyone and welcome to my 98th analysis, this time featuring Caillech.
Caillech is one of the best Water monsters and one of the best deniers around. She has 3465 Speed and an immunity to Freeze and a move that makes her team immune to Freeze, Stun and Daze, in addition an AOE Freeze of her own. Outside of some high CD moves, Caillech doesn't have a major flaw.

-Protection of the Northern Winds
-Polar Prison
-Cold Blood/Glacial Prison
Runes: 3 Speed

Permafrost is an AOE Freeze. POTNW makes your team immune to Daze, Stun and Freeze for 3 whole turns which is absolutely fantastic. Polar Prison deals some damage and Freezes and Dazes the target. In the last slot, Cold Blood can be used to make AOEs hit more likely and keep up momentum with Stamina Regen which is especially useful against Water where Stamina Drain is abundant. However, a more straightforward choice is Glacial Prison for another Freeze move. She's a denier so 3 Speed is the best choice.

Teammates: VoltaiK and Zyla the Faithful enjoy Cold Blood's Stamina Regen. Fenrir can freely use his Rage of Fenrir after POTNW has been used.

Countering Caillech: Removing buffs will greatly hamper Caillech. Being immune to Freeze renders her helpless against you.