When Corruption was released from Petra by the Pure monsters, it went out of the former Cosmic Portal and traveled through the universe losing its evil essence and absorbing immeasurable energy along the way... until it finally crashed into the sun of a different galaxy.

That sun had a planet orbiting around it: Elektra. When its inhabitants were bathed by these new and super energizing sunbeams, all of them were revitalized. But as always, some monsters don’t like it when the rest gain power. They want to keep that energy for themselves, at any cost. It doesn’t matter what they have to do. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the way...

Metropolitan Mythics
The Metropolitan Mythics are the result of this rip in space. These monsters are not only strong, they’re also very, very cunning. They use a new and scarce substance called Nebula. Yes, you guessed it, because it comes from Lord Nebotus himself.

There are different factions and their stories are more entwined than ever because nothing escapes this universe. You can get this new generation of Mythics by participating in all our events and making sure to check every part of the game.

Monsters aside, let's have a look at the new exciting features The Metropolitan Era brings us:

Power Beasts
You know that pet you’ve always wanted but you never got because your parents thought it was too big for the house? It won’t happen again because we have all the space in the universe now, so there’s plenty of room! Beasts can be summoned when the battle starts and they’ll boost your Metropolitan monsters depending on their elements.

The first one (Fire) is already yours, and you can obtain the Water one by obtaining its Shards at the Beasts Dungeon. We will be releasing Beasts every Season. Make sure you look out for this Dungeon from time to time, because it’s not permanent!

Pair Beasts with Street Talents to be mind-blown!

Street Talents
A new Era based on life in the city needed some talents tailored to fit. We’ve been listening to your feedback and have introduced some improvements to the Obscure Talents.

You wanted them more balanced. Done.

More visually distinct. Done.

They won’t give you street cred, but they’ll make your Metropolitan monsters powerful like no others!

And you must be wondering: and what about the Obscure Talents then? As soon as the Metropolitan Era starts, the new Street Talents will take over. Obscure Talents won’t disappear, but for now we can’t tell you more (🤐 ). The ones that are already available will remain available in the Sagas with the right monster, but since Obscure Talents won't be getting updated, ranking your monster from R0 to R1 won't give you that extra slot.

Rank-Up Survival Dungeon
Wanna rank up some monsters? We have good news for you! Getting a good team of monsters is now more important than ever because these Survival Dungeons won’t be for the faint of heart. Each Rank-Up Survival Dungeon will be a path of nodes, some of which will be milestones. When you reach those milestones you’ll get Nebula, but the rest of the nodes will also give you Cells of one of the monsters you’ve used on that node. Which monster? Who knows, Cells will be granted randomly for one of your three team members.

There's a new function called Autoloot which will allow you to re-collect the rewards you’ve won on previous nodes (yes, another batch of the rewards you’d already won!). You’ll know what you’ll be getting, but you’ll need to be strategic because the price will increase the more you use it. The balancing will restart after each Rank-Up Survival Dungeon, but if you play your cards right you’ll end up with the juiciest rewards!

No two battles will be the same here, let’s keep things interesting!

Having these new Rank Up Survival Dungeons also means that we say goodbye to the Titan Dungeons.

Changes in Era Sagas
This is no surprise as we’ve been doing this for 2 Seasons already, but we wanted to improve the experience for you all, and we realized that releasing both Era Sagas on the first day of the Season was a bit too much. Starting with the beginning of the Metropolitan Era, we will have the first Era Saga (the one with the Golden Legends Pass monster) on the day the Season starts and the second one (featuring the free Legends Pass monster) on the following week.

In this first season, though, we’ll have a special case.

New logo

Monster Legends is an ever-changing game, but we don’t forget our roots. We have been wanting a more current logo for a while, but we were indecisive. Finally, we found what we think is the best combination of our past and our present. Because we want to keep improving, but we remember where we came from.

There are lots of surprises coming in the near future, but we want to keep some mystery. Let’s just say this Era is the culmination of countless hours of work and effort and we can’t wait for you all to play it. We know you’ll have questions, but please wait until you can try all the new goodies because we don’t want to spoil the surprises.

See you in Elektra, Monster Masters!

Date of release: 23rd of July 2021