I thought as it is the next Era of monsters in ML that it would be a good idea to host a Fan Contest to celebrate the occasion! But that isn't all, these will happen every month from July 26 onwards!

That's right, I'm beginning my first one in FIVE DAYS, instead of One week like I normally do. I will give the Conditions and more (including a dead-line in the Jul. 24 post)...

Note: All the changes made are all to improve the format!

The Changes to the format are to be revealed in todays special post, but the Conditions of the Contest will be revealed July 24, 2021, however the Contest will begin on the 26th.

It will have the same length as the Old Contests I did back in Jan - April, but now there is something new, I call them: Champion.

The Champion is the monster that will be picked, and for your monster to be chosen, it has to be as balanced as everly possible. Meaning, if it's too powerful, or too weak there is no real chance at earning the Champion Monster.

The Champion monster will also be posted on the Official Monster Legends FanVerse Page on Facebook (not the actual ML Community page, my one! a Fan page!).

That's all, stay tuned for Jul. 24 for a full talk about the first Contest which Theme, Conditions and most importantly the Dead-line will be talked about.

Thanks 🙂