Don’t be sad July is over, in Dragon City, for every adventure that ends, a new one begins! 🎒

This August will be just as jam-packed! You’ll soon find out that mirrors and dreams have lots in common… They can teleport you to different, mysterious dimensions where the creatures you meet there are not always your friend! Curious to know more? 🤔 You’ll have to check it out for yourself!

Take a look at the full list of upcoming events and meet the main characters!

28 Jul - 1 Aug: Arid Runner Island (Dra-gone Missing!)
New Dragon: Arid Ambassador Dragon

2 Aug - 9 Aug: Darkest Mirror Grid Island
New Dragon: Queen’s Villain Dragon

2 Aug - 7 Aug: Darkest Mirror Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Mirror Mage Dragon

7 Aug - 11 Aug: Phantom Runner Island (Darkest Mirror)
New Dragon: Phantom Virago Dragon

9 Aug - 12 Aug: Reflection Maze Island (Darkest Mirror)
New Dragon: Reflected Revenge Dragon

12 Aug - 23 Aug: Hidden Dragons Heroic Race:
New Dragon: High Camouflage Dragon

14 Aug - 17 Aug: Hidden Swamp Fog Island (Hidden Dragons)
New Dragon: Hidden Swamp Dragon

18 Aug - 22 Aug: Hidden Volcano Maze Island (Hidden Dragons)
New Dragon: Hidden Lava Dragon

23 Aug - 26 Aug: Tower of Dreams (Dreams of Chaos)
New Dragon: Astral Rem Dragon

26 Aug - 6 Sept: Dreams of Chaos Maze Island
New Dragon: Morpheus Dragon

27 Aug - 1 Sept: Dreams of Chaos Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Night Terror Dragon

1 Sept - 5 Sept: Sweet Dream Runner Island (Dreams of Chaos)
New Dragon: Sweet Dream Dragon