Hello everyone and welcome to my 99th analysis, this time featuring Fenrir.
Fenrir's moves all have 0 CD, which is an amazing thing for any monster. In addition, he has great Strength and Speed equal to Cavenfish's. He also has one of the most unique moves in the game. However, Fenrir doesn't have a proper deny move, his AOEs have low Base Power and he has a useless trait.

-Rage of Fenrir
-Devastation Axe
-Wolves Pack
-Scary Howl
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

Rage of Fenrir gives the target Triple Damage for a whopping 3 turns at the expense of being Stunned. Devastation Axe is a 0 CD, 65 Base Power unresisted attack. Wolves Pack is his AOE with the highest amount of damage and an additional Bleed effect. Scary Howl has terrible Base Power, but it can be used as an emergency AOE Daze to hope for a miss. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes power and compensates for the low Base Power of his AOEs.

Teammates: Rage of Fenrir has killer synergy with monsters who are immune to Stun, since they'll only get the 3 turn Triple Damage. Good candidates are those who are slower than Fenrir with preferably high Base Powered AOEs such as Deadwolf or offensive Varuna. Also, Rage of Fenrir can be used as a random target deny move if Fenrir's Possessed. However, this shouldn't be used if there is a monster that is immune to Stun or if you don't think you can kill the target on the next turn. Outside of ROF synergy, Nishant's Pet can make his AOEs hit harder.

Countering Fenrir: Ouros is a very good counter since he can take Devastation Axe and his AOEs don't do much. Denying Fenrir is also easy, but dealing with him using attackers is challenging due to his high Speed. For this reason, Pa'Lhax is useful since he's faster and can one-shot Fenrir. Offensive Harusami can also do the job.