Hello everyone and welcome to my 100th analysis, this time featuring Megaosteum.
Megaosteum possesses an incredible amount of damage, both with his amazing Base 3575 Strength at level 100 and his high-powered attacks. He is also one of the few Fire monsters to have a Stun move, and his Self buff move is simply godlike and a good weapon vs. Eggeater in the Dragons book. However, Megaosteum lacks in Speed and is easy to deny and faces stiff competition from General Darmith, who is faster, also has a similar Self move and a Fire AOE, and is harder to deny.

-Bone Chomp
-Stunning Gob
-Prehistoric Power
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Bone Chomp is a 0 CD, unresisted 60 Base Powered attack that hits extremely hard. Cataclysm has the golden 45 Base Power for AOEs. Stunning Gob doesn't do too much damage but it Stuns the target, which is what it's use for. Lastly, Prehistoric Power not only acts as a recharge, but also gives Megaosteum Double Damage+Precision and a way to deal with Possession. 2 Strength 1 Speed maximizes his damage output, and 2 Speed 1 Strength patches up his low Speed, plus PP can compensate for the loss in power.

Teammates: Monsters with Sticky Lava increase the power of Cataclysm and make it unresisted-prime candidates include Shallinar and Tulekahju.

Countering Megaosteum: Any Fire monster who is faster and has a good Base Powered move can one-shot since Megaosteum's Base Life is not too good. Learnean is faster as a Dragon and can deny him with Triple Chomp.