Hello everyone and welcome to my 101st analysis, this time featuring Sarah.
Sarah has awesome Speed and can grant her team immunities to Stun and Freeze, and is immune to Stun herself. She can also keep herself from recharging since she has Stamina Regen. Sarah is also the fastest member of the Families book, which is a huge boon. However, Sarah can be a bit passive on the battlefield since she doesn't have an AOE deny skill and doesn't do much damage.

-Red Wool Shield
-Woolly Crush!
-Healing Glove
-Woolly Smash!
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed

Red Wool Shield gives the team Damage Boost, Freeze immunity and Stun immunity-and the Stun immunity also protects you from Mega Stun. Woolly Crush! does good damage, Stuns the target and gives Sarah Stamina Regen. Healing Glove helps in keeping Sarah alive with its heal, and lastly Woolly Smash! is a 0 CD Stun move. 3 Speed keeps her team from being denied from most deniers thanks to Red Wool Shield, but 3 Team Speed can also be used to speed up your denier since Sarah isn't a denier herself.

Teammates: Fenrir enjoys Red Wool Shield's synergy with Rage of Fenrir in that if RWS is used before ROF, not only will the target not get Stunned, but the Damage Boost will stack with Triple Damage. Generally, Sarah makes for a good filler monster on a team if you don't know what to add.

Countering Sarah: Removing buffs removes Red Wool Shield completely which greatly harms Sarah. Being immune to Stun makes Sarah almost useless against you since she doesn't deal much damage.