Hello everyone and welcome to my 102nd analysis, this time featuring Kassia.
Kassia is blazing fast and is actually the 2nd fastest monster behind Mercurius. She also has good Base Strength and Base Life. She also has one of the most unique moves in the game and can be a good debuffer, and Stun immunity is always great. However, Kassia is extremely passive even with her Base Strength since you won't likely be running Strength on her.

-Blinding Flicker
-Energizing Ray
-The Light Lives In You
-Fear The Light/Smashing Gleam
Runes: 3 Speed/3 Team Speed

Blinding Flicker is very effective at hampering enemy monsters and denying theier deniers of their deny effects. Energizing Ray is a good weapon vs. Possession and rids her of all troublesome effects like Blind or Burn, and you can fish for your special or reduce the CDs of your other moves. The Light Lives In You has so much to be discussed that it'll be discussed in Teammates. Lastly, either Fear The Light for another AOE move with random effects or Smashing Gleam to remove things like Shields. 3 Speed makes her faster than all deniers and she can use Blinding Flicker to great effect this way. Alternatively, 3 Team Speed can be used to speed up your denier, and possibly use TLLIY after your ally/allies have been killed.

The Light Lives In You mechanics:
-This move revives dead allies with 50% Life and 100% Stamina, but does NOT give them Precision or Double Damge.
-Any ally who was alive at the time has their Stamina and Life fully restored and is granted Precision and Double Damage. However, their CDs are not reset and their debuffs will stay.
-As with all revival effects, after this move has been used, the turn order is reset and it starts from the SECOND FASTEST monster on the battlefield.
-This move deals 300% of Kassia's Life as damage to her. No Shield can protect you from that much, but an effect similar to Space-Time will keep Kassia alive.

Teammates: Timerion is crucial if you can have him on your team since his Space-Time will protect Kassia from TLLIY's backfiring damage. If you are using 3 Team Speed on Kassia, a good strategy is to kill the opponent's deny monster and use a fast attacker like Pa'Lhax on your team. This way, when TLLIY is used, the turn order will reset and start from the 2nd fastest monster-which is ideally your attacker. TLLIY is a very risky move to use in Wars since if you don't have Timerion, the max amount you can get is 2 Coins-only use this if Kassia is the only monster alive or if the monster that will be revived is crucial to your success. She is also a very bad choice on Defense since she can be stupid and use TLLIY right off the bat, though this will have varying results.

Countering Kassia: Kassia's team has more to think than the enemy since the only thing they'll need to do is to be immune to Blind or to have a monster who can rid the team of debuffs.