Dragon Mastery Update

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Dear Dragon Masters,

A new bundle of Mastery tasks has been delivered to all Dragon Masters. Complete these Breeding tasks to collect new Reward Chests, including Token Chests, element-specific Orbs, and Rainbow Tokens! Prepare your Breeding Cave, Breeding Tree, or Breeding Sanctuary to earn all the best prizes.

Some players will have a higher chance of receiving these new Rewards, whereas others will be able to jump into a new collection: Collect Nyx’s Trophies in exchange for even greater Rewards in the new Mastery Collection!

Remember to update your game to the latest version to gain access to this Collection! Otherwise, any of Nyx’s Trophies earned in the Mastery feature before reaching level 7 will not be claimable for collection Rewards. (Please Note: Only Nyx’s Trophies earned in the Dragon Mastery feature will apply toward Mastery Chests).

Thank you for your patience while we are figuring out what works best! Full content will soon be available to everybody.

Your Dragon City Team