Hello everyone and welcome to my 103th analysis, this time featuring Greedy Dragon.
Greedy has high Speed and has a Self move that gives him an extra turn and Damage Boost, which is awesome and a great weapon vs. Eggeater. He also is one of the few Fire monsters with a Stun move. However, Greedy's Base Strength is very low and he needs the power boost from his Self move to properly operate, and his trait is nearly useless and General Darmith poses a great threat to him with his higher Base Speed.

-The Magnificent
-Gold Lust
-Your Weight In Gold
-Reign Of Fire
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed

The Magnificent gives Greedy Damage Boost and an extra turn. Gold Lust is unresisted, has 60 Base Power and it heals him for 50% of the damage dealt. Your Weight In Gold is unresisted, has the average 35 Base Power as an AOE and most importantly it applies Stamina Leak to all enemies. Lastly, Reign of Fire does good damage and Stuns the target. 2 Strength 1 Speed must be used to compensate for the low Base Power of his AOE and his low Base Strength.

Teammates: General Ingvar can boost the power of YWIG, which is very much needed.

Countering Greedy Dragon: Denying him is easy to manage, and in defense he may not start with The Magnificent, which reduces his power significantly. General Darmith is faster and can achieve a higher rank easier, so he can one-shot with Final Slash.