Hello everyone and welcome to my 104th analysis, this time featuring Sphyrnus.
Sphyrnus has good Speed and high damage moves along with an AOE Freeze. In addition, one of his high power moves is a 0 CD Freeze, which will lock the target until Sphyrnus runs out of Stamina. However, Sphyrnus' Base Strength is lacking and he isn't immune to any form of denying, plus his Speed is below 3465 which is a huge minus. He also faces competition from Frostbite as an attacker.

-Frozen Water
-Hammerhead Strike
-Tiburo's Drain
-Stunning Hammerhead//Hammerhead Fury
Runes: 3 Speed//2 Strength 1 Speed(double slashes to stress on the subject)

Frozen Water is an AOE Freeze. Hammerhead Strike has a good 50 Base Power, is unresisted, has 0 CD and Freezes the target which is a godsend. Tiburo's Drain drains 75% of the target's Stamina which will usually force the enemy to recharge after one move, and does good damage too. Lastly, Hamerhead Strike has 55 Base Power and Stuns the target. However, Hammerhead Fury is an attacker option that is an AOE with the golden 45 Base Power. 3 Speed is the denier build whereas 2 Strength 1 Speed is the attacker build.

Teammates: Watinhart can increase the damage of Stunning Hammerhead and his AOE(s). A denier is necessary on any team.

Countering Sphyrnus: There are faster deniers around and they can deal with him. Sphyrnus is very good at denying, but being immune to Freeze renders 2 of his moves' side effects useless. As an attacker, denying him is easy but his damage output is way higher and he isn't as passive as the denier build.