The next Fan Era I'm making!!
psst: Did you know it was 2 months since I did a Fan Era?!

New Monsters
With each new Era, comes new monsters, and a new meta. This one is a unique one, I thought the Aether Era was a bit unbalanced and overpowered from the start, so I am making a brand new Meta what is balanced.

And, there is a new Rankup recourse called: Ultra Amber, this source will be extremely hard to obtain, but that is because the meta is different.

Two New Custom Dungeons
With the Ultra Era, comes two new Custom Dungeons! Go to the Custom Dungeons page in the Features Tab!

The Titans

Like the Aether Era, this Era will be unqiue with Titans! Titans are super strong and obtainable through the Titan Dungeons, which have 10 floors, giving you cells to get a Titan monster, once you get a Titan Ultra Mythic, you'll unlock 20 additional floors to get it to rank 5! I've also made multiple changes to make it easier yet more fun, Titan Dungeons won't disappear until the end of the Era! So work hard to get them!

Coming Soon! And remember, this is fan made!