Hello everyone and welcome to my 105th analysis, this time featuring Lotan.
Lotan has an amazing design, but unfortunately that is the best thing he has. His moves are good but not too much, and all his stats except Life is bad.

-Abyssal Power
-Yawning Area
-Distant Forces
-Sunk Claws
Runes: 3 Team Speed/2 Strength 1 Speed

Abyssal Power removes all buffs from all enemies and applies 1 random negative effect to each of them. Yawning Area has the average Base Power and applies Daze to all enemies. Distant Forces applies a Stamina Leak to the target and may Slow. Lastly, Sunk Claws has the highest Base Power of all his moves. 3 Team Speed suits him best since he isn't a denier but isn't exactly an attacker either. However, 2 Strength 1 Speed can still be used to make him an attacker since he does have 2 AOE moves.

Teammates: An AOE Blind move will deny the enemy team for 2 turns. Nishant's Pet powers up Yawning Area.

Countering Lotan: Remove debuffs and he'll be a sitting duck. Lotan is also terribly passive without Strength runes, so you can just ignore him and focus on taking his teammates down.