Hello everyone and welcome to my 107th analysis, this time featuring Hoodini.
Hoodini is fast and is immune to Possession, which are what makes a great Magic monster. However, Hoodini's movepool is lacking since random effects just aren't effective nowadays, and he can't be a guaranteed denier, which makes him not a great Magic monster.

-Area Prediction
-Area Presage
-Fascination Touch
Runes: 3 Speed/ 3 Team Speed

Both Area moves are the exact same: 30 Base Power, apply 1 random negative effect. Shenanigan drains 75% of the enemy's Stamina and recharges Hoodini. Lastly, Fascination Touch renders an attacker almost useless for 1 turn. 3 Speed to take advantage of his high Speed. 3 Team Speed can also be used since he can function well withough great Speed too.

Teammates: Hoodini can stick to any team, though I will say that he's a subpar choice at best.

Countering Hoodini: Hoodini is very luck based, so if his AOEs apply stuff like Nightmares, his only true deny option is a 75% Stamina Drain which allows the enemy to still use 1 move. Any deny method other than Possession can easily deny him, and he can easily be one-shot.