Hello everyone and welcome to my 108th analysis, this time featuring Lui Calibre.
Lui has 2 moves that give him Mirror Mirror, which is awesome. He has high Life and Strength and thus makes for a good tank. Unfortunately, Lui picked the wrong trait as Stun immunity is very valuable among Earth monster, and currently the only Earth monster with Freeze is Hydratila the Riftmaker.

-Grand Shield Auto
-Get Off Me, Punk
-Squeaker Squad
-I Got This/High Pitch Voice
Runes: 1 Speed 1 Life 1 Strength/2 Life 1 Speed

Grand Shield Auto and Get Off Me, Punk both give him Mirror Mirror, but GSA also gives him Protection, which draws all attacks to him. Squeaker Squad is a single target Stun. Both moves in the last slot have high damage, but it's a matter of spammability vs. extremely high damage. 1 Speed, Strength and Life is the standard tank spread, but 2 Life 1 Speed can also be used since his Life isn't Ouros-level.

Teammates: As with many tanks, General Ingvar is a fantastic partner to rid him of debuffs and give him a method of healing. Keep in mind that removing buffs doesn't remove Mirror Mirror.

Countering Lui Calibre: Try to deny him before he uses GSA as with that up, he becomes a major nuisance. If he manages to use GSA, use moves that won't have too much effect when reflected back, like using a Water move with a Water monster. Blinding or Dazing him will affect the reflected move as well, but the worst scenario for Lui is getting Possessed since he'll reflect the move to his own team, which basically makes AOEs hit twice and makes single target moves hurt Lui greatly.