These are my other three:
3. Dragon: Apsara Dance Dragon
Elements: Beauty Pure Nature Legend -Rarity: either Epic or legend. Apsaras are beautiful female creatures that descended from heaven to entertain gods and kings with their dance.
4. Dragon: Kroma Khmer Dragon
Element: Nature Terra Sea Legend -Rarity: either Legend or Epic. It is a mix between Kroma and Kouprey (Cambodian national animal).
5. Dragon: Rumduol Dragon
Elements: Nature Beauty Legend -Rarity: either Epic or Very rare. Rumduol is Cambodia's national flower. And the mouth is inspired by Khmer Yak(giant).0_1630927235912_inbound7770970011941192932.jpg 0_1630927242459_inbound5076342166591929574.jpg 0_1630927247781_inbound5747008202229655759.jpg