The new Bounty hunt has some new features you're going to love. Please welcome the Milestone Rewards! But that's not all - you also have new monsters to hunt!


  • Now you can get extra rewards from attacking the fugitive!

  • Deal the blow that reaches certain milestones to get the reward.

  • Damage the fugitive to 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% to get progressively better rewards.


  • Metallogolem: Earth fugitive that stuns and bleeds.

  • Thundertron: Thunder fugitive that blinds and dazes your team.

  • Chlorodrone: Nature fugitive that dispels your buffs and buffs itself with random haters.

  • Scorching Tyrant: Fire fugitive with burn and ignite tortures.

  • Abyssal Ancient: Water fugitive with cursing, drowning, and stamina leak.

See you in the hunting grounds!