In June 2021, Docosan launched the telemedicine feature, allowing patients to be consulted, examined and treated online without having to go directly to medical clinics. Since its launch, Docosan has been well received by patients. As one of the only platforms to provide telemedicine, Docosan attracts many patients to book appointments on the platform. Docosan sets itself apart by taking care of patients from start to finish, ensuring that all of their questions are answered.

Docosan's Telemedicine is suitable for patients with mild symptoms who can be efficiently examined at home, saving manpower and administrative costs for doctors and clinics. Telehealth is still relatively new in Southeast Asia, but at the current rate of development, Docosan believes it could be the "new normal" in the long term, making it easier for patients to access care. quality health and clinics also reach more patients.
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Earlier this year, the Vietnam Administration for HIV/AIDS Control (VACC) led a project to create an app that showcases updated guidelines on HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention. This project is strongly supported by the Department of Health, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) and the Health Development Cooperation Organization in Vietnam (HAIVN). The app includes guidelines for preventing, diagnosing, and treating HIV infections nationwide and monitoring patients' status, minimizing delays.

Docosan participates as an app designer, building the technology from start to finish, including useful features like BMI and BSA clinical calculators, bookmarks, and keyword search.

The app demonstrates the Ministry of Health's commitment to professional healthcare education with up-to-date medical information on sexually transmitted diseases. The app is also updated periodically, ensuring healthcare workers are provided with accurate and reliable information to do their jobs.
The creation of this application is among many digital technology projects that the Ministry of Health is managing. This shows that the Ministry of Health is ready to embrace digital technology in improving health care, not only for the pandemic but also in many other health areas, and Docosan will also play an important role in this. community health care.