Each of the mini games that require us to collect coins in order to play the games by collecting food, feeding dragons, breeding, hatching, and fighting in certain battles has a collection cap per day.


In order for a player to keep track of these amount of coins they have collected, I am suggesting that Socialpoint add in a way for us to track these coins. There has been times when I have used gems to speed up breeding or hatching an egg in order to obtain additional event coins only to be disappointed with 0 coins.

The way that Socialpoint can do this could be with a check ✔ once all coins have been collected from that specific category.

Gold ✅
Food ✅

or it could be with numerical value.

Gold 15 of 75 collected
Food 0 of 140 collected

Either way, allowing us to see how we can collect the maximum amount of coins through in game play would increase my gaming experience and hopefully that of other players too.

I know that in certain mini games there is already ways of tracking items collected as in the heroic race.

Thank you,