Hello everyone and welcome to my 110th analysis, this time featuring Atum's Bodyguard.
This monster has great moves such as AOE Blind, however, his stats are not good except Life and his trait is outright useless vs. Earth monsters. Still, an AOE Blind with great Base Power is not something to overlook, plus he is still faster than Brontes.

-Angry Lampyridae
-Atum Fanatic
-Shield Breaker
-Mythril Pickaxe(support)/Tunnelmaker(attacker)
Runes: 3 Speed//2 Strength 1 Speed

Angry Lampyridae has 40 Base Power, is unresisted and applies Blind which is amazing to deny Brontes from denying, or to greatly annoy enemies. Atum Fanatic removes his biggest flaw by giving him a Stun immunity, and fixing his damage problems with a Damage Boost on top of a 50% Life Shield making him tankier. Shield Breaker has the golden 45 Base Power and removes the Shields of all targets which is super useful vs. General Atum. Lastly, Mythril Pickaxe is a 0 CD move with 50 Base Power, but more importantly Quicksand which greatly harms Ouros. Another option here would be Tunnelmaker, which has a 3 turn CD, but a massive 70 Base Power. 3 Speed allows him to AOE Blind quickly and deny deniers, but 2 Strength 1 Speed puts his 2 very good AOEs and a huge Base Power move to good use.

Teammates: Fenrir can freely use Rage of Fenrir on him after Atum Fanatic is used. General Ingvar offers better survivability and increases the damage output of his AOEs.

Countering Atum's Bodyguard: If he runs 3 Speed, removing debuffs from your team will render him incredibly passive thanks to his low Base Strength. If he's running 2 Strength 1 Speed, denying him becomes a very easy task. In fact, this is manageable with all his spreads since his Base Speed is very low for a monster who tries to deny deniers.