It’s Spooky Season again...and this October is going to be busy!

Start this month by partying with a bunch of retro dragons from the 80s and 90s who are here to bring the best vibes to town. 📼 Next, get ready to protect High Queen Joadycea’s castle from a siege: 4 houses surround the land, each one of them with a special set of weapons and armor, but there can be only one winner! ⚔
Finally, keep your eyes peeled for the invasion of ancient, spooky dragons that have been resurrected from an abandoned crypt! 👻 It’s almost Halloween, so who knows what else could happen! 🎃

Let’s take a look at the full line-up of events we have in store for you this month!

27 Sept - 30 Sept: Retro Tower Island (Retrowave)
Dragon: Future Dragon

30 Sept - 11 Oct: Retrowave Maze Island
New Dragon: Kobra Hero Dragon

1 Oct - 6 Oct: Retrowave Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Techno Barbarian Dragon

6 Oct - 10 Oct: Neon Runner Island (Retrowave)
New Dragon: Neon Biker Dragon

11 Oct - 16 Oct: Siege of Houses Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Fortress Dragon

11 Oct - 18 Oct: Siege of Houses Grid Island
New Dragon: Catapult Dragon

16 Oct - 20 Oct: Runner Siege Island (Siege of Houses)
New Dragon: Battering Ram Dragon

18 Oct - 21 Oct: Maze Siege Island (Siege of Houses)
New Dragon: Ballista Dragon

21 Oct - 1 Nov: Curse of the Crypt Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Crypt Keeper Dragon

23 Oct - 26 Oct: Cursed Crypt Fog Island (Curse of the Crypt)
New Dragon: Grave Lurker Dragon

27 Oct - 31 Oct: Ghoulish Maze Island (Curse of the Crypt)
New Dragon: Spiked Ghoul Dragon

28 Oct - 1 Nov: Special - Halloween Mini-Event

Happy Halloween! 🎃