this is what i've been wanting, for a long time, i don't draw well so i'm just giving you an idea and i hope you will help me, edit this character, then create it under the name of sunboy keith , can use fire and light attributes, I want it to be 1 M monster, describe this character a bit: orange hair, thin, the other sphere is a mini Sun, black tail white shirt, expression Its name has the color of the Sun, blue pants, sun-shaped headphones on both sides, ... Character plot:I (Keith) is just a young, weak, incompetent young man. The only thing that can satisfy me is the game, I love the games about gods and monsters, I play them all the time, until one day I suddenly enter "I'm dead", but god didn't leave my face, i opened my eyes and before me there was a god, god of the sun he gave me the power and the right to create a new body, so i was born, again!finally, if this request is accepted then i would like to thank you very much, and please write the name of this character's author as my name, Kaito Nguyen, thank you!! i love u. i hope i can get my monster!!!
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