Tips for runner events are here.

We start with 10 Flight Stamps and need 5 Flight Stamps per flight. We can collect up to 180 Flight Stamps by doing tasks that change every 8 hours. That will be 190 without quest and dragon tv.

K-Pop -R- #1145: 500 pinwheels
Whipper -VR- #1149: 900 pinwheels
Stinger -E- #700: 1400 pinwheels
Pixel -L- #761: 2500 pinwheels
Neon Biker -L- #1586: 4500 pinwheels

A hint : If you have a dragon rescue that will finish soon, don't do a run. If a rescue finishes while you are doing a run, it will crash your run and you will loose it.

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