)Hello Socialpoint! I don't mean to refute the new stuff you've created for me, I love you and I have a few opinions (note this is my personal opinion): + 1. I want Socialpoint to create a new mode, a training mode, in which players can freely channel mik's attacks into an entity like a puppet, or maybe let them use their monsters against themselves. +2. i want to have a new ranked mode instead of playing against your team's defense we can play directly like some mode i don't remember, leave the player team and fight directly. + Finally, the direct team battle mode: in this mode we only use 1 monster and match with 2 other teammates and 3 friends (this mode requires cooperation between teammates, and strength of monsters) + I have one more small request. I hope to talk to you! Then I'll tell you what it is! Also I ask you to take care of the page where you created the Google name! as well as Facebook!