New monster
Hello, and welcome to this new patch note! Today i will you
talk about a new mythical monster! This mysterious monster is nicknamed "Sans
name ". Yes, when you don't want to name a monster, nothing like
call it "Unnamed". Like a document to which you do not give a title because
you have no ideas! Well now, let's get to the table of contents!
➢ Design by Unnamed
➢ Improvements
1 / Design of No Name
"Unnamed" comes from the fact that the creators of documents do not save their documents.
with a name ! He came to Monsters Legends to send a message to all players
whose documents are called "Unnamed"
✍ Metal control monster with corrupted, freeze and vampiric skills!
2 / Improvements
In this update, various practical improvements will be added such as:
✍ In the Monstragram:

  1. You can search for monsters by their attribute (s)

  2. We can see the score of the monsters we have (example: battles won,
    lost, monsters killed, ...)

  3. We can try the monsters not obtained

  4. We can see the different shapes of the monsters not obtained in color! Corn
    to remember that we do not have it, a padlock will be displayed at the top of the page!

  5. We can now see the recommended attacks, the recommended ruins
    or even the recommended relics
    ✍ In the library

  6. You can search for monsters by name (as in the Monstragram)

  7. Now for each monster obtained, there will be a reward.
    ✍ In other places

  8. Reproduction: We can see the percentage of having a monster (as in
    the building of ruins)

  9. Habitats: We can now do a fight: we choose from the list of
    monsters a monster to fight, then we choose our monster and go
    for a workout! We can obviously change the
    skills of the opposing monster or even those of our own monster! We
    can of course choose multiple enemies! And several allied monsters!

  10. Monster Lab: There is now a “Trade” tab. When we
    click, we discover a merchant who exchanges monster cells for us
    against others! His store will be updated daily! It can even
    you trade Elementium for cells! But not from Nebula,
    Lutum, ...

  11. New tab: Statistics: you can see the battles won, lost,
    monster obtained, monsters sold, ...

  12. Store: Corrupt, metropolitan monsters can now be purchased.
    Page 2

  13. New tab: Create monsters: You can create monsters and create them.
    send to creators! If ever the creators don't reject your monster, he
    will be offered to you when it comes out! There will be regular events like
    "The best monster created", "the ugliest monster", ... the key is hiding
    a reward that meets your expectations! (for more info, see page 3)

  14. New: You can write comments on monsters than others
    players will see! This is for the info because if you buy a monster and you
    discover that it is "bad" you will be disappointed! Warning ! : if a bad word is
    retained, you will be prohibited from writing comments for 1 day, the
    punishment will become more and more serious if a player continues!

  15. New: You can choose the loading screen (when you arrive in the

  16. New: You can now invite friends to dungeons, to the
    adventure card. (for more info, see page 4)

  17. New: Addition of the mysterious lab. Unlockable at level 30, you can
    inside, create rare resources like Nebula, Lutum, ... from
    fragments hidden in a dungeon!

  18. Friends: You can now send cells, chests, monsters, ... to a

  19. Patch notes: We can now consult it to find out what has changed
    in the game !

  20. Battles: Monsters will now have an aura the color of their
    element. For UC, R, E monsters the aura will be split in two! For the
    Warmaster Ragnarok, it will have a multicolored aura! For other monsters
    legendary, we do not count the Special element!

  21. Battles: Now, when we click on an opposing monster, we will see its

  22. Dungeons: Dungeons where there are restrictions are updated:
    If, for example, you have the Don Canine dungeon, if the player only has Don Canine, he
    will be able to start the dungeon without having a full team!

  23. Mythical: Some mythical ones will become reproducible because otherwise how
    get more than one mythical per season (Legend Pass)? But to bring in
    more money, you can create tempting offers (See number 17)!

  24. Offers: A new tab will appear in the Store: This is the tab
    offer, instead of putting the offers in the right banner (of the game). This tab
    full of tempting offers!

  25. Last improvement: Habitats: It is now possible to customize your
    habitat! (It's totally free!) You can customize it from
    color you choose!