It’s sweater weather again and there’s no better way to spend the cold season than in your dragons’ company! They are always on hand when it comes to lighting a fire...which might come in useful not only on a lazy autumn night but also on our new adventure! 🔥
And if you thought this was going to be a quiet, relaxing month, well, think again...a full new set of adventures is waiting! 🎒

So let’s discover the full lineup!

1 Nov - 4 Nov: Spirit Tower Island (Tales of Draconia)
New Dragon: Elven Spirit Dragon

4 Nov - 15 Nov: Draconian Maze Island (Tales of Draconia)
New Dragon: Dragnome Dragon

5 Nov - 10 Nov: Tales of Draconia Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Lake Guardian Dragon

10 Nov - 14 Nov: Rune Runner Island (Tales of Draconia)
New Dragon: Rune Wyvern Dragon

15 Nov - 20 Nov: Train Heist Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Bounty Hunter Dragon

15 Nov - 22 Nov: Train Heist Grid Island
New Dragon: Manic Miner Dragon

20 Nov - 24 Nov: Dyna-Run Island (Train Heist)
New Dragon: Dynamite Dragon

22 Nov - 25 Nov: Bandit’s Maze Island (Train Heist)
New Dragon: Knife Bandit Dragon

23 Nov - 26 Nov: Thanksgiving mini-event

25 Nov - 6 Dec: Robo Brawl Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Robo Dragon

27 Nov - 30 Nov: Robo Fog Island
New Dragon: Robo Ravager Dragon

1 Dec - 5 Dec: Robo Maze Island
New Dragon: Robo Hound Dragon

Happy Fall y’all! 🍂 🍁