Malairion has been defeated! He’s gone into hiding somewhere in the infinite universe. The citizens of Elektra have nothing to worry about, at least for a while, but we wish we could say the same about the inhabitants of Petra. They’re about to be in the middle of a very nasty war...

Centuries ago, Angels and Demons signed a Treaty at the Peak of Conciliation in which they both agreed not to meddle with the balance between Good and Evil. Souls would distribute naturally between the Underworld and the Celestial Paradise.

In order to seal this treaty, each party left a symbolic token at the Peak of Conciliation — Demons left a capsule of purgative fire, and Angels left a pouch of the divine essence: Ambrosia.

The treaty was effective and contented both parties for a very long time. Nobody was counting with the change that happened in the Underworld during the Corrupted Era. Barbatos was dethroned and replaced by two co-rulers: The Inheritor and Kaih the Sunmelter. The problem was that The Inheritor had a massive ego which didn’t sit well with the term “co-ruler”.

In order to become the sole Ruler of the Underworld, he went very far — further than anyone had ever gone before: He broke the pact between Demons and Angels by stealing the divine Ambrosia to transform himself into a Demon so powerful that no one could stand up to him… or rule by his side.

The balance is broken, but the Angels won’t stand still while the Demons unleash evil upon Petra! So when all hope was lost, when salvation seemed impossible, when no one was there to save us... the Doomsday Era arrived.

Doomed Mythics
You wanted something grandiose? Well, hello Doomed Mythics! This new generation is beyond Good and Evil because these words can’t even start describing these new monsters in all their glory. Not only are they the most powerful monsters to date, they’re also incredibly talented. And some of them quite literally, with deeper and more complex skills. Regardless of your favorite event, you’ll all get something extraordinary!

And for this supernatural generation we needed a new resource that could unleash the inner power of every monster – Ambrosia.
Quite literally the nectar of Gods, but in the wrong hands, a weapon to unleash Hell. This is a very scarce substance but you can get it on our true and trusted Rank Up Survival Dungeons.

Rank Up Survival Dungeons
Don’t be afraid, the Rank Up Survival Dungeons are here to stay. Not only that, we’re adding more for this new Doomed Generation! But what about the Metropolitan Mythics, then? They won’t be left out, they’ll keep their own Rank Up Survival Dungeons. Win-win!

We’re also reorganizing the rest of our dungeons, putting them all in their right place. They can be dungeons, but no one said we should send them to oblivion. We are rolling up our sleeves, it’s time to tidy up the halls because they need to be ready for the new Doomsday Era!

New Breeding Mountain
We know you’ve been missing something new related to breedings for quite some time. Well here it is, and it’s something BIG!

Breeding monsters becomes easier than ever with the new Breeding Mountain screen!
Looking for the recipe for one of the breedable Legendary or Mythic monsters? No need to step out of the game, all the combinations will be there for you to start breeding right away!

This goes for Breeding Events too: By tapping on the “EVENT” button, you’ll see all the monsters that are available for a limited time, along with their breeding combinations. Monsters featured in the Breeding Event (what we usually call “successful results”), will appear in a golden frame, whereas the rest (“unsuccessful results”) will have a silver frame – but those are still breedable, and you can aim for them too if you want. You write your own story!

Doomed Talents
If you’ve been playing Monster Legends for a while, you already know how Talents work, but let us refresh your memory just in case. Our Doomed Talents are a new item you can equip on Doomed monsters on rank 1 or higher. These elusive objects improve your monsters' abilities in unexpected ways that can really help their strategy when combined with their skills. Every time a monster goes from rank 0 to rank 1, they’ll automatically earn an entry-level Doomed Talent. Very easy.

If you want to get the highest-level Doomed Talents, you’ll need to complete the Era Sagas.

Speed-up Tokens
Have you ever wanted to make time go faster to open a Multiplayer Chest? With that in mind we’ve created the new Speed-up tokens, items that will make chests open in (almost) no time. There will be different types with different boosters, but you’ll get to see them as we advance in the Era. We will be giving you some so you can try them out, but for now these are only available on our Battle Pass. Don't worry, they’ll surely appear in more places in the future.

Release date: 12th of November, 2021