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Coming into this Era my idea is to release the most beyond crazy monsters ever! Find out more in this post.

Overpower Mythics
Mythics are finally breaking free! They're coming out of their shell with new skills, traits, and the Cosmic Stats to break the cycle of "Balance."

Multiplayer battles will only have Overpower Mythics from now on too!

Seasonal Story
This Era also brings in a brand new story, one that changes the entire world of Monster Legends, and introduces you to these brand new generation of Mythic. Chapter 1 will release soon, keep an eye out for the post! 😉

Rune Stones
A feature not connected to Runes. You can equip three unique "Abilities" to any Overpower Mythic. Each new "Rune-Stone" has a place for a Overpower Mythic, some may work for all, some might not.

Monster Paths
A new path will unlock for players who earn the 'Mighty Key', and in this path, you'll unlock over 50 gems, and another Key to open a Special Chest in the Chest Shop to give you Nebula, yes, Overpower Mythics will use Nebula to rank-up!

That's all for my idea this time. Stay tuned for the epic monsters!