Team Race? Should be renamed to "Who Can Spend the Most Gems? Race"
Seriously, I'm not trying to be mean and I apologize if I sound mean but there's no race here. It's nothing but a poor money bait. I feel pitiful to those who fall for this poor bait and buy gems. Do you guys even know what is race? How the heck are we supposed to win if the other team keeps spending gems? That's why it's unfair. There's no teamwork whatsoever

There's no way I'm going to quit this game just because of one fatal mistake. I love this game and there are a lot of potential in it. It's just that SP doesnt bring out the true potential.

"How do you know if the other team spent gems, huh?" Simple answer. They were like lap 1 and got to lap 10 in 1 day. Really? Either the quest giver is unfair or they really did buy tons and tons of gems using their parents' allowance. There's no way someone can complete "First person to breed 6 epics to complete this quest" in 1 day. The breeding itself might not be a problem, but rather it's the hatchery You can't hatch more if your hatchery is full and that means you won't be able to breed more.

I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just giving suggestions to make this game better. Here are things you can do to change the game to make this "team race" fair. Only choose one:

Remove completing nodes with gems in the race from all nodes. This is simply unfair and a poor money-grab.
Fix the quests. "Breed 6 epics" should be changed to "Breed 1 epic" or 2 or 3. No more than that.
Remove the ridiculous quests such as breeding epics or legendary. I'm fine with the quest but it asks you to do it in a ridiculous amount.
Not only it will make race fair but it will also lessen race hoppers. Little did they know, the team race does ruin many teams. Many players leave their team just for the race (Shame, but it includes me. My last team was not really racing)

I understand that this game needs money but this is a poor strategy.