Hello everyone and welcome to my 111th analysis, this time featuring Patrion.
Patrion has amazing Base Strength, great Base Speed for an attacker, and good Base Life. In addition, his moves and trait are also amazing. The only thing that Patrion has trouble with is some effects Light monsters apply such as Blind and Daze, which can be dealt with thanks to his Self move.

-Blueblade Projection
-Shining Blueblade
-Support from Bill
Runes: 2 Strength 1 Speed/2 Speed 1 Strength

Blueblade Projection has a great 40 Base Power, is unresisted and applies Bleed to all targets-an awesome AOE move. Shining Blueblade is just as amazing, having the golden 45 Base Power, applying Sunburn to all enemies and giving himself a Damage Boost. Limbreaker deals massive damage to a single enemy, and should it live the assault, gives it Bleeding and removes its positive effects. Lastly, Support from Bill is a godly move that heals Patrion in almost every imaginable way and makes him immune to even 2 turn Posession. 2 Strength 1 Speed allows for maximum damage output and still outspeeds most 1 Speed monsters. However, thanks to Limbreaker and Shining Blueblade, he can run 2 Speed 1 Strength to outspeed most attackers and take them down.

Teammates: Patrion has all the support he needs in his moves, though General Ingvar and Globrush can make his AOEs stronger.

Countering Patrion: Denying Patrion with any method except Possession or Stun is the best way to go about it since one-shotting him may be difficult depending on your rune levels. If he's the defender, using Possession becomes an option since the AI may use one of his powerful attacks- remember that the AI likes to one-shot if it can, and this goes for its allies as well when it's Possessed.