A long time ago I found a bug with the runner event island, I was on the PC version but it is possible the bug also works on the mobile version(never tried it)

If you pause the game right after you bump into an obstacle, the screen will start snapping to the right,
if you pay gems and respawn, the bug will fix itself and the game will go normal. If you don't respawn and start another game, the respawn screen will stay, and if you don't pay gems the game will end even if you didn't crash into anything(also you don't start from 0, it started the game around 883).
Basically, it acts like the previous game didn't end even though you didn't respawn.
If you choose to start another game, it won't start again from 0, but the revive message won't appear. After crashing again everything will be back to normal(start again from 0).

Edit: per forum rules video removed