Hello everyone i have over the past months created over 20 monsters for the game which are all mythics. I have also 10 of these monsters who are a new era idea, the godly era. They are like warmasters except they are mythics and their name starts by god. There is one of each element and their names excepted god are in latin and have a relationship with their element. For the other monsters, all types have been created. Supports, tanks, attackers, deniers, extra turners and more... Sneak peek of one monster: Balengu. He is a thunder denier with reverse healing and enemy team heal and regen and double heal skills. And a last one because why not: God Ignis. He is a fire curser who has access to AOE twice trait disable and positive status effects removal and a bunch of negative status effects. I hope you will see this post because I LOVE this game and would really like to see my monster ideas in the game.Pls reply for full details.