Hello everyone and welcome to my 112th analysis, this time featuring RIPtieReptie.
Reptie is notorious for being the first monster to give Triple Damage to an ally, which made him one of the premier choices alongside attackers back in the day, and he still has merit today, though the release of monsters like Demise hampered his usage. Outside of being a damage booster, Reptie's trait is awesome vs. non Magic monsters and his movepool has useful debuffs, and his special must be mentioned since it's the first Mega Stun ever. However, using him in Team Wars may be tricky as it requires a setup of Reptie, an attacker and a denier.

-Cavendish Knot
-Eldredge Knot
Runes: Any combination of Speed and Team Speed works as long as it outspeeds your attacker

Glamorize gives an ally Triple Damage, which will almost always make their AOE kill the entire enemy team. Cavendish Knot Stuns the target whereas Eldredge Knot applies Blind+Damage Reduction, which is perfect against monsters with Double Damage+Precision since the former two will overwrite the latter two if they're applied after the latter two. Lastly, Improve is there just in case something goes wrong with Glamorize, like the attacker getting denied or missing its AOE. Any combination of Speed and Team Speed works as long as it outspeeds your attacker since you need to ue Glamorize before they move in order to one-shot the enemy team.

Teammates: Attackers are obviously necessary with Reptie to make good use of his damage boosts. Although it's overkill, Triple Damage stacks with Double Damage and Damage Boost if it's used after them, which will allow any AOE to kill the enemy team if it's unresisted or unless they have Ouros or something like that.

Countering Reptie: Applying Damage Reduction to the target of his damage boost is Reptie's worst nightmare as the reduction will overwrite the boost. Reptie's exact Speed spread is a mystery, so denying him can be tricky especially with his Freeze immunity-for this reason, deniers with higher Base Speed are ideal. Reptie is also passive when its attacker is killed.