While the High Robo Dragon and its “tech team” are busy fighting the High Whisperer, and destroying his plans of an uprising, the cold winter breeze means another danger is fast approaching.

Dragon Masters, be prepared for a hunt in the frozen lands and then get ready for a last-minute attempt to save the festive holidays! 🎄

All we can say is get your winter gear ready!

25 Nov - 6 Dec: Robo Brawl Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Robo Dragon

27 Nov - 30 Nov: Robo Fog Island
New Dragon: Robo Ravager Dragon

1 Dec - 5 Dec: Robo Maze Island
New Dragon: Robo Hound Dragon

6 Dec - 9 Dec: Icicle Tower Island (Frostpocalypse)
New Dragon: Icicle Spear Dragon

9 Dec - 20 Dec: Frostpocalypse Maze Island
New Dragon: Blizzard Breaker Dragon

10 Dec - 15 Dec: Frostpocalypse Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Dracartic Predator Dragon

15 Dec - 19 Dec: Blizzard Runner Island (Frostpocalypse)
New Dragon: Tundra Scout Dragon

20 Dec - 25 Dec: Saving Xmas Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Jingle Keeper Dragon

20 Dec - 27 Dec: Saving Xmas Grid Island
New Dragon: Murdraghoul Dragon

25 Dec - 29 Dec: Saving Xmas Runner Island
New Dragon: Murdrabyss Dragon

27 Dec - 30 Dec: Saving Xmas Maze Island
New Dragon: Murdralux Dragon

30 Dec - 10 Jan: Brightest Mirror Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Sacredwing Dragon

Have a holly jolly Christmas! 🎅