Welcome to the first type of Talents Thread made by me!

Dusk Talents are very valuable items that can change the outcome of any battle, if used with the correct monster, or role, these elusive objects are obtained from multiple sources!

Dark Rise (Paid Saga)
: After being damaged damaging by a skill, applies Control Immunity to wearer. 2 uses.

Taste Removal (Free Saga)
: When the turn starts, recovers 30-450 points of Stamina to wearer. 3 uses.

Kill Bean (Free Legends Pass)
: After damaging with a skill, if any enemy is dead, deals 50,000-350,000 points of Physical damage. 1 use.

Demon Med (Golden Legends Pass)
: After being damaged by a skill, if wearer's life is below 50%, gives 1 extra turn to wearer. 1 use.