Hi, I'm a long time player and want to make the following suggestion for trading within the alliance.

Actually you can set up 1 trade were you can trade a determinate number of ORBS, depending on the dragon category at the time.

My proposals concerning trades are the following :

  • allowing to place 2 trades at the same time ( you can limite this to 1 trade per category ( Epic, Rare, Heroic, ... ))
  • Give the opportunity to players to change the determinated number of orbs per trade (
  • Make for trade essences one pool, so no more trade essences especially for Rare, Epic, Heroic, ... but 1 pool for everything - depending on the rarity of the dragon cost can be higher for the trade.
  • Allow to trade EGGS and/or send them as gift ( like before was the case on Facebook )
  • Allow assymetric trades ( for example, every legendary ORB in the trade now is the same, but No one will trade 6 corrupted Orbs for a regular Legendary Orb. In this system you could say : I'm searching for 10 corrupted Nature ORBS and willing to give the other player 50 Orbs of another random legendary Dragon
  • Introducing a market like inspired system were players can stall ORBS/EGGS and the other players can all tell what they want to give for it ( Another Egg, Maybe several EGGS, other Orbs, a combination, Food, Gold, ... ) Then the player can decide after some hours with proposal he accepts.